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Where Farming Meets the Culinary Arts

At MacDonald Farm, we firmly believe that nothing compares to the love and care we put into cultivating our ingredients for our clients. Our esteemed gardener meticulously handpicks and researches each ingredient to guarantee that only the finest quality items are utilized in your event. We believe that by combining the exceptional abilities of a French culinary-trained chef with freshly harvested ingredients, clients can experience something truly extraordinary.

What sets us apart We take pride in creating memorable occasions rather than generating short term profits by limiting the amount of events we take on each month

our story

Our Farmstead was built after a life-altering accident, with the goal of establishing a sanctuary of restoration. Following our journey towards recovery, we have blended of our passion for producing quality crops and the skills of our chef to create MacDonald Farm.

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There is no one out there like Daniel and Mike. The story of how they started MacDonald Farm is as heartwarming as the meals they serve; meals that warm the soul and are made with love, using healthy, locally-sourced ingredients from their family farm in Monterey, CA. Both Daniel and Mike were an absolute joy to work with from day one and completely blew away all of our expectations with the most delicious and breathtaking reception dinner for our wedding at the Wind & Sea Estate in Big Sur...

-Jamie M.

Daniel and Mike did a great job for our intimate wedding in Big Sur, they were very helpful with planning the menu and getting everything set in our very short timeline! Everyone loved the food and we had the best time working with them. I love their backstory and visiting them on the farm for a tasting was so fun, it’s amazing how they grow their own ingredients and the skill they have making every dish taste amazing! We’re had several dietary restrictions but luckily that wasn’t an issue. Most of our dishes were dairy and gluten free and no one could tell which was so impressive! If you want a caterer who is sustainable, flexible and makes delicious food MacDonald Farm is for you!!

-Kadi c.

Do you want to work with a low-stress caterer who will customize the menu to any of your vegan/vegetarian needs? And do you want all of your guests to remark how good the food is at your wedding? If yes, Daniel and MacDonald Farm are the perfect caterer for you! I hired Daniel to cater my little wedding with less than 15 people in Big Sur and he was awesome to partner with!The wedding was scheduled to be outside and when a storm was predicted, we moved it up a day and to a new venue at the last minute. Daniel was so flexible and responsive through all of the changes and he was able to deliver delicious food despite it all. Within minutes of my guests starting to eat lunch they were all saying how great the food was. And we saved all of the extra and the guests ate the rest for lunch the next few days :) I highly recommend Daniel and his team for your wedding or event!

-Justine f.

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Daniel Macdonald

Your Personal Chef


hef Daniel is a highly skilled and classically trained French chef with over 15 years of experience in the culinary industry. He graduated from one of the top culinary schools in the country and has since worked as a private chef for numerous celebrities, including Judge Judy, and corporations such as Google, Pottery Barn, Kia Motors, and more. Chef Daniel has collaborated with the Anaheim Ducks, several movie and TV show productions, as well as actors, movie producers, and teen rehabilitation centers.

In addition, Chef Daniel has lent his expertise in consulting the opening of 4 thriving restaurants and developing vegan menus for major health specialty stores, such as Whole Foods. He also has a wealth of experience working with local wineries to create memorable farm-to-table food and wine pairings.

In addition to his culinary expertise, Chef Daniel is an accomplished baker. He has eight years of baking experience, from crafting wedding cakes to small farm-to-table desserts, Chef Daniel has a talent for providing the perfect finish to any extraordinary meal.


From Our Farm to Your Plate

Our process of a Farm-to-Table Meal

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Your Farm-to-Table Meal will be delivered punctually and presented elegantly. Our team, which comprises a personal chef, horticulturist, and servers, is dedicated to ensuring that your event is seamless.


A considerable amount of research, planning, and materials are invested in every planting project.

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The cultivation of healthy and appetizing food requires an extensive investment of both time and resources.

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Prior to each event, your private chef and personal gardener collaborate to harvest and prepare the produce, which is then processed in our Farm Kitchen.

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Food Preparation

Our effort up to this point has surpassed that of other caterers who commence at this stage.

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Your Plate

It is with pleasure that you and your guests may now relish in the delectable fare that was crafted with great care and love.

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